Friday, 26 February 2016

‘Why don’t zebras don’t get ulcers?

It’s not the punchline of a joke, but the subject of one of the forthcoming talks at the West Berkshire Athena network in March as Diksha Chakravarti of FiXme Ltd talks about stress and its management in our modern-day lives.

She will be the speaker at the Thatcham meeting on Tuesday, 15th March at the Regency Park Hotel. At the same meeting, Athena regional director Debbie Miles will be discussing ‘sales for non-sales people’.

Kate Talbot of Shore Financial Planning will be talking about financial planning at the new Newbury West group taking place on Thursday, 10th March at The Red House, Marsh Benham. Debbie Miles will be discussing the importance of getting to know your fellow networkers.

On Friday, 11th March, the Hungerford group meets at Audley Inglewood where Laura Cooper of Pink Spaghetti will be talking about useful apps to make your business life more efficient and Debbie Miles will be looking at how to link your networking to your business plan.

Finally, the Newbury Central group meetings on Wednesday, 16th March at Donnington Valley where Jane Zollo of Travel Counsellors will be talking about the different customer touch points and showing how good service and customer relationships lead to repeat business and referrals. Debbie will help group members hone their listening skills.

Debbie added: “We’re excited, as ever, about the wide range of topics on offer this month from stress management to financial and business planning right through to maximising your time. All of our speakers are Athena members too and offer subjects that are particularly practical for local businesswomen.”

All meetings take place from 12pm to 2pm and must be booked in advance

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