Monday, 1 February 2016

Tips for your radio interview!

While I tend to work closely with newspapers and magazines, radio interviews are a brilliant medium for small businesses to chat about what they offer. We recently helped a client get onto BBC Radio Oxford here talking about being an entrepreneur: (from about 1.20)

While John is a natural and a seasoned speaker, it can be nerve racking, so here are some things to think about if you’re invited to speak on the radio either by phone or in the studio:

1. Turn off phones, the TV, the washing machine, the radio or anything else that creates background noise!

2. Prepare a glass of water just in case

3. Forget that you’re speaking to thousands (or even millions) and just talk to the interviewer. Think about The King’s Speech when Lionel Logue invites the King to “say it to me as a friend”.

4. Smile!

5. Although there may well be a webcam, don’t forget that people can’t see you. Don’t nod or just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Answer each question with a full sentence and explanation with examples without being asked.

6. Don’t speak in acronyms or slang.

7. Speak clearly, rounding the ends of words.

8. Make notes and have what you want to say at hand on a piece of paper.

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