Thursday, 21 January 2016


By now, many New Year’s resolutions have been broken, but there’s an important one that you can make for your business.
Many small business owners think they don’t have the time or money to protect their business name and logo with a trademark. Others think that if the company bears their own surname, it belongs to them and can’t be taken away.
Dale Campbell is a European Trademark Attorney and founder of Trademark Tribe, based in Newbury. In 2015 alone, she helped many West Berkshire businesses to protect their name and branding against other firms trying to trade with the same name.
On the other side of the coin, when Dale registers a trademark for a company, she is then able to ensure that other businesses are unable to use the same name.
She said: “Most people know that they should trademark their business name but do not see this as a priority in the early days of development. Sadly, after investing time and money in their business, it’s possible that they could be hit with a trademark dispute which can involve expensive and long-winded legal wrangling. The outcome can often mean literally losing the company’s valuable name and I’ve seen many firms have to start again from scratch.
“Owners are astonished to find that proving they existed as a company before the challenger does not help. The decision goes to the person who has registered the name. So it is entirely possible for a competitor to take a fancy to your company name and check online whether it is registered. If not, in no time at all, they can be using your cherished title. Apart from the devastating effect on business this can have a deep emotional impact. One of the early joys of entrepreneurism is the creation of an identity which reflects your personal values as well as your business ethic. To register this immediately provides security and peace of mind. You may then focus your energies on building the business rather than looking over your shoulder.”
The process of registering is surprisingly smooth and inexpensive, especially when compared to the possible costs of failing to do so. Dale can advise on whether a name qualifies as a trademark, as not all names do. They will also check that your chosen name has not already been registered which again saves many headaches later. Trademark Tribe can also advise on how to choose a strong memorable brand name.
This could be your best ever New Year resolution and once done you will have no trouble keeping it. And your valuable name. Happy New Year.

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