Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to get the best from your architect

We were thrilled to be asked by Absolute Architecture to write a piece about a beautiful project that they'd recently worked on.

The piece appeared in the Homebuilding and Renovating magazine in July with some gorgeous house-envy inducing pictures. The magazine liked it so much that they then came back to us and asked Kate for some advice about "how to get the best from your architect". She duly typed out some tips which have appeared in this month's magazine, positioning her as the expert she is on these matters!

Not everyone would have been in a position to capitalise on the two opportunities that arose here but Kate did all of the right things from a PR point of view.

Firstly, Kate realised that her strong before and after pictures would make a lovely magazine piece and took the time to get professional photographs. She then ensured the architectural story was backed up by a strong human interest piece about the impact that the great design had on the family that lived with it.

Secondly, when the magazine came back to her, she wrote up some great tips immediately. People don't always do this and it is a huge wasted opportunity! Sometimes I could cry when a client is approached by a magazine like this and they say that they haven't got time, or that they can do it next month or even worse, that they don't want to give the secrets of the trade away for free!

Kate was quick to act with practical advice, aware that journalists work to tight deadlines. If you don't come back, or don't place this of high enough importance then a journalist is unlikely to approach you again.

Also, never be afraid to give away your advice and insights for free. It's always worth sharing what you know. It positions you as the expert and when someone needs a person with your skills, they'll instantly think of you.

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