Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My recipe for a press release without a soggy bottom

With the Great British Bake Off returning to our screens tonight, I thought I'd write the obligatory tie-in blog post.

I find the programme fascinating even though I'm a terrible baker. While it's great to watch, it doesn't really help people like me learn the basics of baking. While there were some handy tips to be learned in the earliest series, it's becoming more and more out of reach. I know I'm not a baker, but I can't be the only person who has never heard of some of the items that were required by the technical challenge, let alone ever tried to make them. A Swedish Princess Cake? And what on earth is a "kouign-amann"?

Cooking up a lovely press release is more my thing. And much like my baking, I like to keep things simple, so here's my recipe for a straightforward, but delicious press release:


one dollop of human interest

one photo

one page of A4

Cooking time: about an hour.

Set your PC to "word document" and try to keep to within one page of A4.

What to do:

1. Start with the intro. This is where you put your "who, when, what, where."

2. Once you've perfected that, then you can start talking about the "why".

3. Gradually add more facts that help to tell the story. To taste.

4. Stir in some relevant statistics and a case study or two.

5. Now add a quote from you or someone relevant within your business.

6. Serve up with a photo and your contact details



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