Monday, 17 August 2015


I’ve always been one to smell the roses. Literally.

Yet life has been passing me by in a blur of work, going out, rushing here, rushing there, worrying about the McBaby and everything else. My neighbours who see me leave the house know how forgetful I’ve become and I’m frequently awoken at 4am by nagging thoughts and to-do lists.

I knew that my relentless multi-tasking, planning ahead and constant planning was not doing me any good so when I met Sheila Bond from Living Well Mindfulness a few weeks ago, I knew it was people like me that she had in mind!

I tried out her taster session over the weekend and was not at all surprised to hear that they have been described as “life changing”.

Her sessions are for anyone, but typically enjoyed by people who are stressed or unwell. Or anyone who likes chocolate! After a mini meditation where we stayed still and closed our eyes that enabled us to take our awareness from the scalp, right through the body to the feet, we were invited to eat a piece of chocolate mindfully. That is, not in my usual fashion of shoving it down my neck and moving onto the next one.

We held it, looked at it, smelled it, admired its texture and then put it into our mouths and savoured every moment. Slowing down the experience and truly experiencing it properly was a bit of an eye-opener.

These classes should be on the national curriculum. Can you imagine how much nicer life would be if people were mindful of each other, if they weren’t obsessed with being in a rush. And if everyone was in the moment completely? Imagine conversations where people look at you instead of at their phones!

I’ve decided to be more aware and more present since yesterday and already I can feel the benefits. I slept better last night and have eaten particularly sensibly today having eaten my breakfast properly instead of wolfing it down.

Sheila’s courses start in September. Check them out here:

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