Thursday, 4 June 2015


Happinez magazine stands out amongst the crowd of celebrity and diet obsessed publications aimed at women, but then so does its price tag. At £6.95, it's almost three times more expensive than other titles - this of course, is what piqued my interest!

The magazine has been going for some years now in its native Holland, as well as Germany but the current issue is the first one in the UK. It's got a definite spiritual vibe, and caters for those who love mindfulness, yoga, wisdom and inspiration. If you're wondering why it's spelt with a "z"; it's named after its founder Inez van Oord - hence "happINEZ" which irked me at first.

"I'll stick to Hello magazine", was the verdict of the lady in the supermarket who heard me shouting "£6.95?" repeatedly. In my defence, I said this was me being mindful...of my wallet. As well as the price, my other quibbles are that there are one or two slightly over-posed photos and the occasional caption lost in translation.

However, it is truly thrilling to see a magazine promoting fair trade products and incentives that give real benefit to communities in developing countries. I love that Happinez isn't frightened to do a three-page spread on magnesium. Their celebrity interview isn't with an actress or reality TV star, but a spiritual teacher; interior design takes the form of a wobbly, but stunning glass house on a lake. The photos, particularly the ones of nature, are uplifting.

There's a healthy recipe section that contains properly healthy recipes, not just slightly recued fat, and there's a section on yoga poses. The magazine closes by asking you to share some inspiration tags, as well as an invitation to enjoy the next edition (albeit without saying when it's due out.)

I love that my job allows me to sit in outside in a field reading a magazine such as this and call it work - I love being able to identify magazines that will be likely to accept my articles and interviews; I love reading through wondering if any of my clients fit the bill as a possible subject. I love finding a publication that speaks to people like me - people who think a bit differently, who question things, who aren't interested in what someone from TV is up to (OK - perhaps a few exceptions here), and who want a little bit of inspiration now an again. While it's not for everyone and I don't think they'll be publishing anything by me any time soon, I think I've found something to read in a field.

On that note, I'll leave you with this:

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