Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day in the life! #lovegorkana

PR is always perceived as quite glamorous but my day involves a lot of tapping away at my computer and is more "tea" than "par-tea".

7am Run to newsagent to get daily newspapers before everyone leaves home for the day.

7.30am Commute to office (also known as the kitchen table), check emails, cuttings and read newspapers. Send out cuttings to clients and deliver hard copies where possible, along with evaluation. Make note of news opportunities and opportunity for expert comment.

8am Check social media and schedule blog posts, tweets, Pinterest posts, and FB posts for the day. We’ve just started Instagram too which lends itself well to what we do!

9-12pm Content creation; writing press releases, interviewing customers and case studies, sending out releases to customers for approval. I spend a lot of time organising photoshoots, selling in stories and briefing journalists – people always think PR is glamorous. It makes me laugh as I make another cup of tea.

12pm Networking or swimming or yoga depending on the mood, the weather and the timetable!

2pm Coffee with a client to set out plans for the next few months and discuss their news and the basis of a media plan.

3pm-6pm More writing of press releases, tip sheets or media calls. Constructing press lists and press packs. Not to mention lots more tea drinking. I also read clients’ reports, websites and blogs in particular for background information. I write a quick list of things to do for tomorrow and then when little one arrives home, take him out for a walk, bike ride or a game of football!


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