Monday, 11 May 2015

The Living Leader inspires Ride 999 cycle event participants

Newbury-based leadership experts at The Living Leader are taking part in a new cycling event crossing nine countries in nine days to raise money for young people in crisis.

Penny Ferguson, an internationally-renowned authority on leadership, will be giving a keynote motivational speech before the event and decided to give her backing in order to share her leadership know-how with a younger audience.

Her daughter Emma Littmoden, who is also commercial director at the Living Leader, will be cycling on day five of the event which takes in 96 miles from Luxembourg to Nancy.

The author of The Living Leader and 52 Brilliant Ideas – How to Transform your life, is supporting Get Connected, the UK's only free helpline for children and young people under 25 who need help for any issue and don't know where to turn.

Penny said: “If there is one refrain that I hear again and again when I am running my Personal Leadership Programme, it is ‘I wish I had learnt this when I was younger’.

“At The Living Leader we are passionate about helping young people and that is why we are now to sponsor ‘Get Connected’ – an amazing organisation that provides help to many, many disadvantaged young people – I wish it had been in existence when I was growing up.

“I know with an absolute certainty that if we can give young people the opportunities to be heard, to be supported, to be given the skills that will enable them to motivate themselves, they can become outstanding leaders of tomorrow.”

Penny now in her 70s, was left broke after three divorces and has gone from being a housewife with no self-confidence to the Living Leader.

“Growing up I guess I was pretty confused about what I wanted to be or do, either at work or play. My mother had run off when I was a few months old and I met her for the first time at 18. My self-esteem was incredibly low and at the age of 50 I had finally come out of three pretty abusive marriages, was in debt and altogether a pretty good mess.

“It was only then that I began to discover my real purpose and the last 20 years have been an amazing journey of learning, succeeding, real joy and a feeling of true worth. Apart from having six beautiful children I would have to consider that much of those 50 years were wasted even though I have taken much of that time as painful learning that I can use to this very day.

“Now, supposing there had been people that I could talk to when I had been in the painful early stages of discovering who I really was and how I could move past the really unhelpful beliefs that then held me back for so many years. I am very certain that my life would have turned out differently and maybe I would have quickly learnt how to avoid such obvious repeating patterns of abuse. I could have truly changed my thinking and certainly changed my life.”

The Ride 999 challenge sees a team of cyclists cover nine countries (the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy) in nine days covering 900 miles. The aim is to raise £350,000 to directly help 250,000 children and young people across the UK in crisis.


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