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FD at Arlington Arts 25.4.15

That Ferocious Dog review.....

Ferocious Dog with support from the Engineers at Arlington Arts on April 25

By the second song on the set list, a large group of devoted fans of Celtic folk punk giants Ferocious Dog were already shirtless and giving it their best mosh-pit moves. By the end of the set, we’d witnessed a unique display of human-stacking in the mosh-pit and at least one shirtless woman in the crowd.

For all the goings-on on the dance floor, that’s not to detract from the superb and energetic 90-minute set from Ferocious Dog at Arlington Arts on Saturday night. It’s testament to the upward trajectory of the Nottinghamshire-based six-piece that fans, known as the Hell Hounds, had travelled to the venue from as far afield as Manchester to see the band do what they do best – that is, political, heartfelt lyrics, combined with sometimes punk, sometimes reggae guitar, with rocking bass, mandolin and topped off with frenetic fiddle.

Despite the raucous atmosphere, lead singer Ken Bonsall was still able to hold the crowd spellbound as he told the story behind The Glass. Belying its upbeat and catchy nature, the song was written for his son Lee who tragically killed himself following a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The band raises money for the charity they set up to support ex-servicemen who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) called The Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund.

With tracks from their soon-to-be-released second album proving to have as much as vigour and power as their first, Ferocious Dog combined successfully combined new songs, a couple of covers; Raggle Taggle Gypsy and an impromptu Paddy Works on the Railway, plus sweat. A lot of sweat.

Excellent support from local talent the Engineers.

First appeared in NWN!

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