Monday, 9 February 2015

B is for "Buy the newspapers" (the A-Z of getting press coverage)

If you want to be featured in the press, then it makes sense that you should buy your local paper! It sounds obvious but not everyone does it!

As well as buying the local papers, I suggest also keeping up-to-date with your relevant trade magazines and also national newspapers.

I know not everyone has time, but it’s important to read the local paper as much as possible to understand the kind of stories they cover, the type of coverage that businesses get and to see what your competitors are up to.
You need to understand the tone and the layout and to get to know the way journalists work so you can send them things that will interest them.

Also, it shows a proper commitment and loyalty – local newspapers are such a valuable resource and a focal point of the community. Circulations may be dropping, but that’s why it’s even more crucial that you support them.

Having been on the other side of the fence, I remember a woman calling me when I was a reporter with a press release about her business. I reassured her that I had written it up but that I couldn’t guarantee if and when it would appear in print. She called me every week and shouted that it hadn’t gone in. Four weeks of shouting every Thursday and I had to point out that it actually had appeared two weeks back. “Oh, I don’t actually READ the paper,” she said. I’m not sure we used anything else she sent in…..

Read your newspaper - it should cost less than £1 a week!

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