Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A (the A-Z of getting press coverage)

Top ten lists seem to be in vogue at the moment thanks to the likes of Buzzfeed, and I am constantly being asked to put together 10 tips on how to get yourself featured in the press.

But 10 bullet points aren’t really enough to cover it, so I’ve decided to do an A-Z of press coverage (without stopping to think what ‘Z’ might be).

A is for “Apply the ‘So what?’ test.

I always suggest to clients that they should have a regular brainstorm on things that are going on that might be of interest to the press. Each idea deserves a bit of airtime and discussion but before you take it forward, picture yourself speaking to a journalist and them asking you “so what?”

Is it of interest to their readers? Is it a talking point? Is it interesting? Is it inspiring? Is it controversial? Is it relatable? Ultimately, is this story of interest to anyone apart from you and your friends?

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