Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Seven reasons how your child could benefit from being bilingual

“The simple fact is children will flourish in so many aspects of their lives and the sooner they begin their bilingual journey the easier it is and the faster and greater the results will be,” said VICI Language Academy owner and language expert Nathalie Danon-Kerr.

“Many of our schools are truly excellent at teaching other languages and only fall down when you realise children are taught to pass an exam rather than love the language, understand the culture and yearn to use their bilingual skills,” added Nathalie.

1 – ‘Children who can speak more than one language are more intelligent than their monolingual peers’

The challenge of learning another language means the brain works in a different way allowing the child to improve their intellectual capacity and develop a greater analytical mind.

2 – ‘Bilingual children have better memories’

Learning a second or third language and having to remember lots of new words and language rules means the brain works harder and becomes fitter creating enhanced working memory allowing kids to perform better in exams.

3 – ‘Being bilingual can delay the onset of dementia’

Recent studies confirm that for adults speaking one language the mean age for the onset of dementia is 71.4 but for bilingual adults it is 75.5.

4 ‘Learning languages makes you more confident’

We see the difference learning a language can make to self-esteem and it boosts the confidence of those who learn with us.

5 ‘Bilingual children are more sensitive and culturally aware’

Bilingual children are more sensitive to others thanks to the way they are exposed to other cultures, foods and different ways of life from a young age.

6 ‘Being bilingual offers your child a competitive advantage in the job market’

An estimated £48 billion is being lost each year in the UK because we can’t speak languages required to do business. Speaking English no longer holds a competitive advantage. Wouldn’t it offer a huge advantage over
the competition if you could hold a meeting in another language or could speak to suppliers? Here at Vici, we’re constantly being asked to help source job candidates who can speak other languages; German in particular.

7 ‘Bilingual children earn higher salaries’

Learning a second or third language will differentiate you from other candidates who place a higher value on your additional skills.
Fourteen-year-old Jess Kerry is considering perhaps studying for an Oxbridge degree in French, having started learning the language since she was two and a half.
“Jess has just taken her options and had to negotiate the right to study two languages at GCSE,” says Mum Lesley who also studies French at the Academy.
“With the cost of higher education Jess was talking about using her languages to study abroad rather than here in the UK. VICI staff have shown her that it is quite possible to study abroad.”
“Last week she was lucky enough to go to Oxford University as part of an aspiration focus through school and now she is determined to study hard aiming to get the grades she needs. Like most teenagers she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet but sees languages as part of her future. Jess is now, proudly, a VICI classroom assistant, something she aspired to for a long time!”
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