Friday, 30 May 2014


Woody Bear, the famous mascot of Pleasurewood Hills, will be on the road in the Lowestoft area this summer chauffeured in a brand new Renault Captur on loan from Mitchells Renault.

Pleasurewood Hills’ much loved mascot Woody Bear has just turned 30 years old and he will be visiting many local events all through the summer. He will be travelling in style too as Mitchells Renault of Lowestoft has provided a Renault Captur on loan to chauffeur him around to many different venues.

Andy Duffield, sales manager at Mitchells Renault, said: “The Renault Captur is the perfect car for Woody’s busy schedule this summer. It’s a crossover with all the space of a 4x4 and a very comfortable ride; it also has excellent fuel economy and low emissions. We are sure that Woody will love it”.

The popular theme park Pleasurewood Hills was opened in 1983 as a family adventure park with a miniature railway. Today it occupies 59 acres and has a huge range of rides and attractions including three roller coasters; a fourth one called Marble Madness will be opened later this year. Thrill rides include Hobs Pit, which is billed as ‘'one of the UK's scariest attractions” and opened in 2013. There are also two great shows at the park featuring Sealions and Parrots, and throughout July & August the Acapulco High Dive show will be performing.

Woody Bear has been a firm favourite with children for the last 30 years. His many visits to hospitals, carnivals, schools, parties and summer fetes have elevated him to celebrity status. He has even met the Queen when she visited Lowestoft in 1986.
Andy Duffield continued: “We are pleased to be a part of Woody’s summer programme which will bring pleasure to children in many different venues”.

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