Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Business development on the agenda for West Berkshire Athena Members

Topics for this month’s Athena Network meetings include how to avoid failing in business, how to make an impact while networking and how to meaure and improve your business fitness.

The Newbury North group, held on Wednesday, June 11th at Donnington Valley Hotel, will host Rachel Slater from Griffins who will discuss “ten things you should know in order to avoid failing in business”

Debbie Miles, the regional director for the West Berkshire Athena Network will be speaking at the Hungerford group on Friday, 13th June at Audley Inglewood and also Tuesday, 19th June at Regency Park Hotel Thatcham about the ‘Business Fitness scorecard’ which enables business owners to measure how strong their firm is. She’ll then suggest quick ways to improve its ‘fitness.’

Claire and Debbie will also offer advice on how to be successful networkers at this month’s events.

Jacqueline Sandford of Flare Telecom will be talking about 'sales for non-sales people' explaining the importance of a confident approach, identifying the needs of the customer, and the need to follow up, at the Newbury south meeting on Wednesday, 20th June at La Tasca, Newbury.

Debbie Miles said: “Here at Athena, we’re very proud of the positivity and support that our members offer each other. As well as the serious business at our meetings, we also enjoy a laugh. We’d love to see any new faces along who would like to experience ‘The Athena Way’. We also hold monthly meetings called Cappuccino Connections at Strada once a month which is free for members and just £5 for non-members.”

All other meetings take place from 12pm to 2pm for West Berkshire businesswomen. For more information, please email debbie.miles@theathenanetwork.com


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