Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tips for Mums by Amanda-Jane Sopp

Just had a lovely pile of cuttings from a mother's day feature arrive with many thanks to Abi from PA! She used a selection of tips from experts such as Amanda-Jane Sopp, sleep specialist and therapist, on how mums can give themselves a quick wellbeing boost!

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Amanda -Jane Sopp is a mum of four children, Luke 27, Leah 26, Lewis 23, Hayden 11 plus stepson William,13.
She has run a professional consulting clinic for the last 20 years as a sleep specialist. She has seen great results in reducing stress and anxiety within adults and children and is passionate about celebrating mums.

She said: “It’s vitally important to look after yourself and to take time out to recharge to enable you to cope with the everyday trial and tribulations of the day to day activities that we are expected manage.

My biggest tips are;

Slow down Live in the now - if we fully concentrate on the task in hand and not allow our minds to wander to all the other things we needs to do, we will be more effective and productive and the end result you get more done and the job gets done quicker.

Take the time for breakfast and lunch. So many Mums eat on the run or miss meals. Taking a small amount of time to eat breakfast and a healthy lunch helps us maintain the energy required to keep on top of things.

Take a break Each and everyday stop, sit down and rest, even if it's only 5-10 mins and do nothing.

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