Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Italian Run!

Mitchells Renault has added £500 to the coffers of a 7,000km road trip called “The Italian Run” set to be undertaken by one of their technicians Mick Long along with Matt Higgins and Ian White.

Matt was lucky to be alive after he broke his back, fractured his hip, pelvis and four ribs and tore his right leg to shreds during a terrible accident in December 2012 while driving an articulated HGV.

Keen to raise money for the hospital that saved his life, Matt organised the fundraising event for the Beaumont Hospital Foundation in Dublin.

The trio’s road trip adventure sets off from the hospital in North Dublin and they hope to arrive five days later in Portopalo di Capo Passero on the southern tip of Sicily. They then plan to make the return trip in just three days.

“To mark my return to full health and to prove I can still drive long distances, as I did during my career, I asked both Ian and Mick if they would do a driving challenge with me to raise funds for the Beaumont Hospital Foundation,” said Matt, who is still undergoing intensive physiotherapy.

Mick added: ““We have been together through all our major life hurdles, and it’s going to be great to be able to come together again on this one and to help raise as much money as possible to help Beaumont Hospital keep great friends together.”

The trio, who are all 35 and went to school together, are funding the entire trip themselves so that every penny goes to the hospital foundation and plan to complete the challenge carrying only a handful of tools and basic spares.

Matthew Huke-Jenner, managing director of Mitchells Renault and Dacia said: “Everyone here at Mitchells would like to wish the team the very best of luck in their fundraising adventure and would like to wish Matt a speedy recovery. If there are any mishaps, they’re in good hands as Mick is well-known in the town for his technician skills.”

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