Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What does PR have to do with finding a soulmate?

Have you ever tried to write a dating profile for yourself? Was it easy? Was it successful? Did it sound stilted? Did it sell YOU as a person?

When it comes to writing about yourself, the aim is to your profile stand out from the crowd. It should be different enough to make your prospects want to take you out for a coffee, yet emphasise your good points too much and you can sound insufferable.

That’s why they all seem to say “kind person with GSOH seeks similar”. By the way, is there really anyone out there who doesn’t think they have a GSOH?

This is why Sarah Beeny’s website My Single Friend is a brilliant place to meet singletons. Instead of writing your own profile, you ask someone who knows you to pen it. They can list your good points and highlight things you’d perhaps not thought about.

It’s the same with PR. If you’ve got a story to tell, why not ask someone else to write it? Sometimes when you’ve been working on a project, it’s impossible to stand back and to write objectively about it. It can help to get a fresh set of eyes who can see what the benefit of your product or service is to the customer.

They might just be able to hook you up in a LTR with a news editor.

*Before I did PR, I spent a few months running my own dating business, successfully bringing together lots of couples across Dorset and Somerset, including at least one wedding! However, I still don’t know what “OHAC” means?

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