Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Would you cap up "dustman"?

Every press release I write needs to have a quote in there from a spokesperson. This means that their job title has to go in there too.

And that in turn means that when my press release is approved, the approvee usually caps up the first letters of their job title, turning "managing director" into "Managing Director".

Job titles are important to people, but if there's a newspaper near you or you can log onto, say the Guardian, have a look. Even "prime minister" isn't capped up.

It means that the journalist on the receiving end of a press release has to spend time lowering the job titles back down again. As a former journalist myself, I recall spending hours squinting at the screen changing these job titles and once being on the receiving end of a telling off from a sub editor when I let one go by still capped up.

"Would you cap up "dustman"?" he asked.

So, everything except proper names should be in Lower Case
Hope That Helps!


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