Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Profile on Danielle from PriorityPA

I've had a few requests this week for help with writing personal career profiles and having agonised for ages on what to say about myself on LinkedIn and Twitter, I can understand how difficult it is to tell people what you do in a short paragraph!

I absolutely recommend asking someone else to write your career bio as they can often use words that you feel might be "bragging" and can highlight skills and experiences that might not seem significant to you but are of great interest to the reader. It's much the same concept that makes Sarah Beeny's "My Single Friend" work so well.

So it was with delight that I wrote this for Danielle Millar of PriorityPA when she needed a 150 word bio for the local newspaper's "Women in Business" feature. I've met her a few times and have admired her sense of humour and her panache for all things admin. Now to ask someone to write my LinkedIn profile for me....

Danielle Millar runs priorityPA, a freelance personal assistant service for busy business owners, covering Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.
Danielle is an experienced PA who loves to help people free up time to run their businesses by seamlessly taking care of time-consuming admin jobs. With her efficient and dedicated team, Danielle can work at your office or remotely to help you ease your workload and take over the tasks that just keep lingering on your to-do list. She has years of experience across a range of sectors and can effortlessly assist with everything from customer service databases to social media to travel arrangements.
Customers describe priorityPA’s flexible, common-sense approach as “second-to-none” and many have praised their professionalism and attention to detail.
Whether you’re looking for admin help for a day, an on-going project or a few days a week, Danielle is delighted to exceed your expectations. She can be contacted on 07930 609184 or at info@priorityPA.co.uk. For more information, click onto www.prioritypa.co.uk

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