Saturday, 2 November 2013

Bigger Brighter Bolder’s fire walk attracts 30 brave entrepreneurs

Thirty of West Berkshire’s bravest entrepreneurs and business people faced temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius when they took part in a fire walk on the night of Halloween.

The event was hosted by Newbury mindset mentoring firm Bigger Brighter Bolder at the Regency Park Hotel in Thatcham.

Participants received an interactive empowerment workshop by BBB Director George Swift on the power of the mind before being invited to walk barefoot over the coals.

George said: “The idea of the fire walk is to show that we can cope with anything by altering the way we think.”

As well as proving to be a life-changing experience for many participants, it was a special night for Rob Goddard and his now fiancée Liz Mills who announced their forthcoming marriage at the event, having kindled their romance at BBB’s 2012 fire walk.

Additionally, Sharon Kennedy raised £700 in sponsorship to do the event, giving her the funds to buy a specialist trike for her son who suffers from sensory processing difficulties, social communication difficulties and Dyspraxia.

Bigger Brighter Bolder specialises in helping businesses and business owners develop the mindset for success. They run BBB Success Groups for driven and like-minded business owners who meet every two weeks to develop the skills for success and achieving their goals.

Jane Midwood, Director of First Call HelpDesk, is a member of Success Groups and did the fire walk for the first time. She said: “George is amazing and the fire walk event was mind-blowing. You know he's been through the emotional stuff himself and he brings so much passion to every session he does."

George Swift from Bigger Brighter Bolder said: “The firewalk events hold a special place in my heart as they allow the possibility for people to create the immediate changes needed to release blocks and negative thinking and embrace their full potential.”


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