Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How Newbury Rugby Club changed their form thanks to a motivational firewalk!

Fresh from celebrating their recent success and staying up when threatened with relegation, staff Newbury Rugby Club have revealed that motivational workshops and a walk over hot coals played a part in the club’s change in fortunes.

The club’s coach and team manager have praised a West Berkshire-based coaching business for the part they played in saving the club from their fifth successive relegation.

Bigger Brighter Bolder, based in Newbury and run by Tracey Miller and George Swift, stepped in to help in January when the team seemed to be sliding towards another defeat and possible relegation.

After four successive demotions, the struggling Newbury side brought in Bigger Brighter Bolder in January to help turn around their fortunes with workshops, team talks and even a fire walk.

After the fire walk, the team beat Swindon by 32-6 in a victory that’s now known as the “hot coal win”. They then ended the season in ninth place, having been on course to slip down to the next division again.

George said: “With a four-year losing streak and a highly-demoralised team, we had a real challenge to turn things around in just four months to avoid their fifth consecutive relegation.

“We kicked things off by getting the first team and coaches to participate in a fire walk workshop.

“This was the catalyst for change but from there, it was important for us to keep the momentum going to the end of the season and to get everyone pulling together as a team.
“We held weekly BBB Success Group sessions and really worked on creating self-belief, uniting the team and raising standards with each team member being accountable to all of the players.

“When you get a group of people buying into a common goal and they are 100% committed as individuals and as a team, you have the basis of an unstoppable force. That’s what Tracey and I do; we help people unlock their potential.”

Bob Ward, Newbury Rugby Club team manager added: “Right from the firewalk, I knew something had changed. BBB was the only factor that was different before and after Christmas. The team got its head around the fact that they could win. They collectively bought into George’s ‘fight harder’ philosophy and everyone raised their standards.

George Swift (left) from Bigger Brighter Bolder with Bob Ward, team manager at Newbury Rugby Club.

“We started with a four-year losing mentality, a completely demoralised team and 50 supporters. We ended the season with crowds in their hundreds and Newbury playing really exciting rugby! George Swift is a legend!”

The success isn’t just for sportsmen and women though – BBB support people who are determined to reach their goals.
Bigger Brighter Bolder started BBB Success Groups in April last year and the groups comprise of local businesspeople – they have just completed their first year.

The groups meet twice-monthly so that BBB can deliver mindset mentoring workshops and the members can spur each other on. The groups have seen its members re-evaluate their business and life goals and some have even changed career. Although finance isn’t the only measure of success, one member has quadrupled her income, and others are publishing books or setting up their own businesses.

George added: “BBB Success Groups are where you go when you want success and you want to be around other people that are happy to support you and celebrate with you.

“The concept is simple enough; it’s just the stuff we generally don’t do on our own, but the power is in the group which gives accountability to take action.”

The groups meet twice a month, but prospective members are invited to try a two-month foundation course before committing. If you are interested in attending a briefing, or want more information, contact Tracey at or alternatively, click onto


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