Monday, 4 March 2013

Newbury Image and Colour

The wonderful Victoria from Newbury Image and Colour took on possibly her most difficult assignment to date when she gave me a colour consultation and then took me shopping last week. If you've met me in real life, you'll know that "scruffy", "dishevelled" and "untidy" are all words that could be used to describe me.

I wrote the piece below for Victoria to put on her forthcoming website and thoroughly recommend that you give her a try. Apparently, women spend on average £80,000 on clothes, accessories and make up throughout their lives, so if you can save any of that by knowing your "rules" then it's going to be a massive time and money saver.

Unlike most women, I dislike being a slave to fashion and don’t like shopping for shoes and clothes.

I like to be green and haven’t got the cash to splash on clothes that I’ll wear once before they go out of fashion. Rather than shopping at boutiques, I’m more likely to find my clothes at charity shops and on eBay.

As a result, I’ve ended come up with an odd, mismatched wardrobe and have come to rely on wearing black shoes, black skirts, black dresses, you get the idea….

That’s why Victoria Lochhead has been an absolute saviour. She took a couple of hours to sit down with me and work out my “rules”.
Firstly, she did a colour consultation over coffee and worked out the colours that complement my natural colouring and bring out the best of my features. Apparently, I am a “winter” and suit colours such as grey, brown and black (I knew it!), but these can be contrasted with burgundies, pinks and blues.

She then worked out my proportions and “scale” to ascertain the best kind of materials, fabrics and patterns that I should stick to. It sounds so obvious, but it had never occurred to me before that as a substantial woman, I should avoid dainty fabrics and patterns that can get lost on me. A mental note was made to discard certain tops and skirts that were in my wardrobe!

Victoria was so gentle with me and so enlightening that I almost forgot that the fun bit was yet to come. After establishing a set of rules, she took me shopping!

Entering the shop, I made a beeline for a floaty, but garish 70s dress before remembering to apply my rules. I found a wrap dress in black and was heading to the changing rooms when Victoria appeared with an armful of fabulous things to try on – things that I would never have thought to pick – a long patterned dress, a striking electric blue dress and a gorgeously soft purple cardigan.

As I was trying things on, she appeared with more and more amazing clothes that I would have left on the rail for someone more elegant and confident than me. Everything she chose was fabulous and really made me feel and look better. Fortunately, we both had places to be in the afternoon, otherwise I could have stayed all day trying lovely clothes on!

I came home with a bagful of beautiful clothes which cost £50 – who hasn’t spent that on ONE item?!

The only problem I have now is deciding what to wear first. If Victoria can make me feel and look good, then she really can help anyone – move over Gok Wan!
Thanks Victoria!

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