Thursday, 7 February 2013


Loving the latest advert for the Renault Clio!

Much-loved. Eagerly-awaited. Highly-anticipated.

And that goes for Renault’s television adverts as well as their cars and vans. The latest commercial for New Clio hits the small screen this weekend and since Renault’s Clio adverts have been included in the most memorable of all time, it’s only fitting that the theme should be “unforgettable.”

Showcasing the sensual, sleek lines of New Clio, there are 30-second and 70-second versions of the advert which personifies Va Va Voom. Its slick and moody editing is reminiscent of the best film noir and the beautiful Paris cityscape, complete with romantically-lit Eiffel Tower creates the perfect backdrop. As well as the car’s eye-catching new design and styling, the Clio’s futuristic technology is at the forefront with the tactile interactive R-Link touchscreen system taking centre stage.

To coincide with the launch of New Clio at the beginning of February, the advert, shot by Publicis, will air on TV for the first time on Saturday night during the popular ITV show Take Me Out – a programme that attracts a weekly audience of 4.2m.

It will appear again in the follow up on ITV2 called Take Me Out: the Gossip which attracts an audience of more than 620,000 people who are keen to find out how the loved-up couples got on during their trip to Fernandos.

The advert will be shown again on an ITV late peak spot on The Jonathan Ross Show, with 2.8m viewers expected to watch the likes of David Attenborough, Eddie Izzard and Pulp take a seat on the famous sofa.

ITV’s Sunday evening scheduling attracts huge audiences, so the advert will air twice on the most popular – Dancing on Ice which is expected to draw in 7.2m viewers; and Mr Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven, which is expected to deliver an audience of 7m.

Meanwhile on Channel 4, the advert will appear in three peak slots, World Without End, which is expected to be watched by 1.5m people; The Hotel with an estimated 2.1m viewers and the film premiere of the 2011 thriller Source Code which is expecting an audience of 1.7m people.

Over on Channel Five, the 70-second version of the advert will appear in no fewer than four different US crime dramas and also a spot in NCIS on the Saturday night.
It will also appear on ITV2 on Saturday night during the hugely popular Toy Story movie with more than 450,000 people expected to tune in to the family favourite, before appearing in another film, Back to the Future Part II, which is expected to be viewed by 420,000 people.
As well as drama and entertainment, football is always guaranteed to deliver big audiences and the Clio advert will appear during two Premier League matches on Sky Sports 1 on Sunday 3rd. The first is the West Brom v Spurs game, which should net more than 1.1m people followed Liverpool v Manchester City. This fixture should score an audience of more than 1.3m people.

In total, an estimated 20m people will see the advert at least once across the launch weekend – that’s nearly a third of the population!

The launch of the New Clio has been one of Renault’s largest in recent years and as well as the television advert, there is a corresponding poster campaign coming to a hoarding near you.

Additionally, there are special launch events from 1st February to 14th February, including a free personalisation pack upgrade for £150 per new order and the chance to win a romantic trip to Paris- ancestral home of the New Clio.

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