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A Beenham-based independent tour operator offering personalised trips to India is raising cash to help women in rural communities become self-sufficient by supporting an educational charity called Barefoot College.

Jane Points, who runs Points South Travel, has joined forces with the charity which is based near Ajmer in Rajasthan, India.

Barefoot College was formed in the early 1970s and promotes rural living by training women in rural communities in self-sufficiency and sustainability. It focuses on training the elderly women in villages and teaches them how to deliver solar electrification, clean water, education and livelihood development.

Jane, who has extensively travelled within India, will be donating £5 to the charity for every holiday booked through her. Travellers can even ask Jane to include a day visiting the college to see its work as part of their bespoke itinerary.

Jane said: “Ever since I spent six months travelling around India in 1980, I’ve been passionate about the country and encouraging people to visit.

“India offers something for every kind of traveller and every trip I’ve organised is different, reflecting the interests and budget of the customer.

“My focus is offering a truly personal service so I’ve visited India regularly since I set up Points South Travel in 2009 to ensure that all the hotels I recommend are suitable for my customers. While visiting, I heard about the Barefoot College and as a businesswoman myself, I was drawn to this charity as it teaches environmentalism and empowers women as the conduits of change.

“I have been aware for some time that though Points Travel tries as hard as possible to be green, the flights to get there do create carbon emissions and I wanted to do something about offsetting this. Since Barefoot’s aims are environmental, I decided that this would be a way of trying to mitigate our carbon emissions while benefitting the people who need it most directly.”

Because Jane has got to know the people at Barefoot, Points South offer travellers the opportunity to visit them for a day and see the work they do.

“We strongly believe that you need to talk to someone who has got underneath the skin of the country and its people to hear about things you might not otherwise see,” says Jane.

“The Barefoot College is a good example of that as travellers will be able to talk first-hand to some of the people who are leading the way in improving rural life and helping communities to function using sustainable forms of energy,” she added.

Jane will be visiting the charity herself later this year and handing over personally all money raised through this season’s holiday bookings.

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Notes to editor:

Barefoot College is an educational organisation aimed at helping people living in rural India.

For more information on Barefoot College:

Points South Travel is an independent bespoke travel operator offering personalised trips to India. It’s run by Jane Points who has extensive experience of travelling in India and a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. As she only offers trips to India rather than other world destinations, she can apply her own knowledge to make every trip unique and prices competitive.

Points South is based in Beenham, between Newbury and Reading.

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“We told Jane Points that we didn't do organised travel. She very cleverly organised everything without us feeling herded about.

“She interviewed us on the telephone for 20 minutes or so on three occasions, thought long and carefully about what she would show us, booked the most splendid and memorable places to stay and gave us a brilliant driver and car to get there.
“We saw the unusual, the sublime, the theatrical, the hysterical, the colourful, the noisy, the vibrant, the welcoming, the breathtaking, the different, we saw South India in a way that captivated and enchanted us. This we were NOT expecting.
“We would never have done or seen half the things Jane kindly sorted out for us. Ten out of ten, well done”.

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